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I tend to make a lot of lists but most of them are not very organized. I've decided to try to organize some of them here so that I can share the information that I've collected. I started with my list of tutorials for dollhouse miniatures. I put them in alphabetical order, I labeled them so that I maybe able to find them easily. I hope that you will find it easy to navigate.

Thank you very much to every one who has shared a tutorial or printie for me to organize and re-share.

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Please remember that most tutorial and printies are for personal use only and please be kind and give credit when you can.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tutorials - Furniture - Tables


                                                                                     Casey's mini blog
                                                                                     Doreen's project blog
                                                                                     Stalbert minis blog 
                                                                                     Adventures of Arcly and Elo  
                                                                                     My Little Little Dream blog 

*Art Deco, 1/48                                                           Anna-Carin Betzen  
*Art Deco coffee, 1/144                                             Anna-Carin Betzen 
Art Deco coffee table                                                  Greenleaf 

 *Bar table w/ wheels                                                  Calm Hands    Bistro                                                                          Jicolin 
Candle stick style, side                                                DIY minis blog 

Card table, folding                                                       Collector's Club of Great Britain 
Chess table                                                                   Minttumeirami blog 
Coffee/ TV table                                                          Mini Design blog

Coffee table, T2T                                                         Framini blog 

Coffee table                                                                  DIY minis blog 
*Coffee table, pallet on casters                                    Miniatures and Doll Houses  

Console, Asian style                                                    Miniatur Site  
*Dinning                                                                       Mini Time Machine
Dinning table and chair                                                Mini Design blog 

*Dinning, 1/144                                                            Anna-Carin Betzen        
End table                                                                       Joanne's Minis blog 
End table                                                                       DIY minis blog 

End table - triangular                                                    Casey's mini blog 
*End table, extending                                                   My Mini ABC blog  
*End table, from pierced wooden fans                         Casey's Minis blog 

*End table pattern, North African - ? Moroccan style      Casey's Mini blog 
*Extendable, very detailed                                          Mini Cottage 

table Ideas, 1/6 scale                                                   House at One Sixth 

Kid's table                                                                    Joanne's minis blog
Kitchen                                                                         Mini Guy blog 
Kitchen, tiled                                                                Miniaturas blog

Kitchen preparation                                                     DIY minis blog
Louis XVI style                                                           Create and Realize 
Noguchi table                                                              Amazing Minis  

Occasional table                                                          1 Inch minis blog 
Party table                                                                   DIY minis blog 
Patio table, w/umbrella, child’s size                           Julie Old Crow 

*Pedestal                                                                     Aflutter
Pedestal, romantic                                                       Bricolages and Compagnie      pdf
Rectangle side                                                             DIY minis blog

Rustic twig                                                                  about.com 
*Side table                                                                  Otterine
*Steel tube, Art Deco, 1/144                                      Anna-Carin Betzen
Tea table   (Dutch)                                                      Marja Balvers
Tester, Tudor/Medieval                                              Tudor DH blog  Trestle                                                                         Casey's mini blog 

Trestle  w/ bench                                                         Let's build a dh 
*Tudor trestle, 1/144                                                   Anna-Carin Betzen 

*Victorian, 1/48                                                          Anna-Carin Betzen 

Wicker w/ tile top                                                       1 Inch Minis blog  
Witch’s work table                                                      DIY minis blog 


  1. Muchas gracias por compartir esos nuevos y fantásticos tutoriales.

    1. Usted es muy agradable, me alegro de que te ha resultado útil mis listas.
      Un Mini Abrazo grande

      You are very welcome, I'm glad that you find my lists helpful.
      A Big Mini Hug