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I tend to make a lot of lists but most of them are not very organized. I've decided to try to organize some of them here so that I can share the information that I've collected. I started with my list of tutorials for dollhouse miniatures. I put them in alphabetical order, I labeled them so that I maybe able to find them easily. I hope that you will find it easy to navigate.

Thank you very much to every one who has shared a tutorial or printie for me to organize and re-share.

Please let me know by leaving a comment if you find a link that is wrong or not working.

Please remember that most tutorial and printies are for personal use only and please be kind and give credit when you can.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tutorials - C Part 3


*Cloth baby book                                                        Scott Publications  
Clothes pins -  and hangers                                          Casey's minis blog
Clothing                                                                       Casey's mini blog

Cobbler's bench                                                            DIY minis blog
*Coffee or hot cocoa                                                     (See Food) 
*Coffee carafe                                                               Miniatureve 

*Coffee maker                                                               Bored and Crafty
Coffee table                                                                  (See Furniture)
Coiled rag basket                                                          (See Baskets)  

*Colander/strainer                                                        Tus Minis 
*Column/stand                                                               Jicolon   and 
                                                                                          Minis y Casas de Munecus 

Comforter and mattress                                                 Casey's mini blog 

*Colored pencils, 1/6 scale                                           Zakka Life blog 
*Console table, Asian style                                           (See Furniture)

Cookies                                                                          (See Food) 

Cookie cutters                                                                about.com 

Cookie decorating scene                                                (See Food)
Cooling rack                                                                  DIY minis blog 

*Copper pots                                                                 Studio E Minis blog   
Corgi dog, how to sculpt                                                (See Animals) 

Corn                                                                               (See Food) 

*Corn husk doll, for doll                                               Julie Old Crow - Hitty 
*Corn stalk                                                                    about.com 
*Corner display box for your DH                                  Casey's Minis blog 

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