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I tend to make a lot of lists but most of them are not very organized. I've decided to try to organize some of them here so that I can share the information that I've collected. I started with my list of tutorials for dollhouse miniatures. I put them in alphabetical order, I labeled them so that I maybe able to find them easily. I hope that you will find it easy to navigate.

Thank you very much to every one who has shared a tutorial or printie for me to organize and re-share.

Please let me know by leaving a comment if you find a link that is wrong or not working.

Please remember that most tutorial and printies are for personal use only and please be kind and give credit when you can.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tutorials - G

* New

*Galvanized pot/tub                                              Butterfly Dreams Minis 

     *Color towers                                                  Mini Design blog
      *Fishing                                                          Mini Design blog  
      *Pim-pam pet w/printies                                 Mini Design blog 
      *Ring toss                                                        Joanne's Minis blog 
      *Tangram                                                         Mini Design blog  
       *Tiddly-winks w/printies                               Mini Design blog 

*Garden arbor, arched                                           about.com  
Garden bench                                                         New England minis 
*Garden bench                                                       Miniatur' Site 

*Garden/park bench (Fr.)                                       Frammy's Minis                                            
Garden border                                                        (See Flowers and Plants)
Garden clogs, hat,   labels, gardening

          gloves and products w/ printies                   DIY minis blog

*Garden gloves and trowel                                    Mini Fanaticus blog   
*Garden hat                                                            Mini Fanaticus blog 
*Garden hose reel/holder                                       Miniatur' Site

Garden shears                                      (look at cutting tools)
*Garden tote                                                           Mini Fanaticus    Part 2

*Garlic braid                                                         (See Food)  
*Gazing ball                                                           about.com
Geraniums in a rusty bucket                                   (See Flowers and Plants) 

Gerbera daisy                                                        (See Flowers and Plants)
Ghost swag Halloween w/ printies                        DIY minis blog 

*Gift bag display                                                    Casey's Mini blog
*Gift bag display                                                    DH Minis club 
*Gift bag w/display window                                  Le petit monde de la Fee Erie

Gift bag w/ printies                                                DIY minis blog 
*Gift wrapping, how to                                          Mishelly's Projects  
Gingerbread cookies                                              Maria Malmstrom blog 

Gingerbread house ornaments and candy               (See Food)

Gingerbread house and candy                                (See Food)

Gladiolas                                                               (See Flowers and Plants)
*Glass of punch                                                      (See Food)
Globe                                                                      Octopus 

*Globe artichoke plant                                           (See Flowers and Plants) 
*Gloves                                                                  Cosy Cottage blog 

Gourds                                                                    (See Food)

Gown, super easy                                                    It's a mini life blog 
*Grainetier/grain cabinet                                         (See Furniture)
Grapes                                                                     (See Food)  

*Grapefruit,  Video                                                  (See Food)
*Grass/landscaping                                                  (See Flowers and Plants)
*Gravel driveway and grass/landscaping                 Joanne's minis blog 

Gravity Baseboard Registers (heater vent)             1 inch minis blog
Green apple, polymer clay                                      (See Food)
*Guitar                                                                     Cihutka 123

*Gumball machine                                                   Beatriz Fernandez blog

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