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I tend to make a lot of lists but most of them are not very organized. I've decided to try to organize some of them here so that I can share the information that I've collected. I started with my list of tutorials for dollhouse miniatures. I put them in alphabetical order, I labeled them so that I maybe able to find them easily. I hope that you will find it easy to navigate.

Thank you very much to every one who has shared a tutorial or printie for me to organize and re-share.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tutorials - Food

* New

*Acorn squash                                                         Adventures of Arcly & Elo blog   
*Apples, on page 18                                                AIM, Issue 16

Apples                                                                      Joanne's minis blog 
Apple,  green                                                           Victoria miniland
Apples,    gourds  and  pumpkins                            DIY minis blog 

*Apple pie                                                                Todd Lindsey
 *Apricot/peach, pictorial                                         Surprise DIY 

 Asparagus                                                                  Joanne's minis blog
Avocado                                                                    The Mini Food Blog 

Bacon                                                                         Joanne's minis blog 

*Baguette                                                                  Adventures of Arcly & Elo blog 
*Beef roast                                                                Joanne's minis blog        

Blackberries                                                               about.com
Bowl of nuts                                                               dh minis club

Bowl and bread stuffing                                             DIY minis blog  
Braided bread   (Hallah)                                            Victoria miniland
Bread                                                                          cdhm.org  and   The Enchanted Gallery

Breakfast sandwich                                                    Joanne's minis blog 
Breakfast sausage                                                       Joanne's minis blog
Broccoli                                                                      Joanne's minis blog 

Cakes                                                                          cdhm.org 
                                                                                   * Stalbert mini blog
                                                                                   $ Store Crafts

     blackberry Charlotte                                              Nelleke Dromen  
     black forest cake                                                    dh minis club
     bunt                                                                        Maria Malmstrom  

     decorated w/ flowers                                              Cotton Ridge 

    *decorated, under the sea                                       Small Creations by Mel 
     lemon, 1/24 scale, on page 54                                AIM, Issue 9 
     *pineapple upside-down, video                              Joanne's minis  
      w/box printie                                                          DIY projects 

Can of broth w/printie                                                DIY minis blog
Candy                                                                         DIY minis blog

Canned foods                                                              My Small Obsession 

*Canned goods w/printies                                           My Froggy Stuff blog
Cantaloupe                                                                  Joanne's minis blog
Cereal/food boxes, design your own                          Julie Old Crow 

Celery                                                                         Joanne's minis blog
Cheese balls, large jar                                                Little Roomers blog 
Cheesecake                                                                Christel Jensen blog  and  *Maria Malmstrom

Cherries                                                                      Joanne's minis blog 
Chili                                                                            Joanne's minis blog
Chocolates                                                                  about.com

Chocolate and caramel apples, 1/48 scale                  Joanne's minis blog 
*Chocolate bar/ s’more ingredients                            Joanne's minis blog 
*Chocolate Easter eggs                                               about.com

 Chocolate Easter rabbit                                               DIY minis blog 
*Chocolate fountain                                                    Joannne's minis blog 
*Chocolate shavings                                                    Small Creations by Mel 

Cinnamon rolls                                                            Joanne's minis blog
Coffee or hot cocoa                                                     Joanne's minis blog 

Cookies                                                                        about.com  
*Cookies, pumpkin, on page 55                                  AIM, Issue 16 
*Cookies, Valentine’s day, video                                Joanne's minis 

Cookies, video                                                             Joanne's minis 
Cookie decorating scene                                              DIY minis blog

Corn                                                                            Angie Scarr
Corn, on the cob                                                          Joanne's minis blog              
Corn, dried                                                                  Miniatures & Dollhouses 

*Corned beef and cabbage in a pot                            Greenleaf 
*Cotton candy                                                            Maple Leaf Minis 
*Cotton candy, T2T                                                   Joanne's minis blog           

Cupcakes or muffins,  make a mold                           about.com    or   Casey's mini blog

*Easter bread, w/ eggs                                                A Bohemian Bazaar  
*Easter bread, w/ eggs video                                       Joanne's minis 
*Easter cookies                                                            about,com  
Éclair                                                                           Snowfern clover
Egg, fried                                                                    Joanne's minis blog
Egg, raw w/shell                                                         Mini Eden  
Eggs Benedict                                                             Joanne's minis blog

English muffin                                                            Joanne's minis blog 

*Ferrero Rocher chocolate                                         Drora's Mini Mundo blog 
French macaroon w/raspberry                                     cdhm.org 

*Fried chicken, on page 72                                          AIM, Issue 26 
*Frosting piping bag                                                    DIY Minis blog 

Fruit,  veggies and pitcher   
          (for Harvest wreath) from polymer clay            polymer clay express

Garlic braid                                                                  DIY minis blog 
Gingerbread house    ornaments   and candy               polymer clay express
Gingerbread house   and candy                                    DIY minis blog

Glass of punch                                                              DIY minis blog
*Graham crackers/s’more ingredients                          Joanne's minis blog  Grapes                                                                          DIY minis blog  and  * Studio E minis blog 

Grapefruit (video)                                                        Victoria Miniland
Ham, baked                                                                 Julie Old Crow
Hat cake w/flowers                                                      about.com 

Holiday treats                                                              Julie Old Crow  
Ice cream pops                                                             Maria Malmstrom
Jar of spaghetti                                                            Studio E minis blog 

*Jars of sprinkles                                                          DIY Minis blog 
*Jelly/gelatin dessert                                                    To Do minis blog  

Jelly - gelatin dessert,  wobbly                                     about.com 

Junk food, w/box printies                                             DIY projects
Lebuchen                                                                      A Small World's Big Buzz  Leeks                                                                            Angie Scarr 

*Leg of lamb dinner                                                      cdhm.org 
Lemon cane  -  polymer clay                                         Stephanie 
*Lettuce leaves                                                             Small Creations by Mel

Lettuce leaves                                                                DH minis club
Lollipop display  - Halloween   w/printies                    DIY minis blog
Mac and cheese                                                             Mary Eccher 

*Marshmallow/s’more ingredients                               Joanne's minis blog 
*Mashed potatoes                                                          Joanne's minis blog

Meatloaf w/ vegetables                                                Mary Eccher
Molasses cookies                                                         Cotton Ridge 

Mussels in the shell                                                      cdhm.org 

Old Bay seasoning can                                                DIY minis blog 
Olives                                                                          Julie Old Crow 
*Olive oil can                                                              Mini Design blog

Onion                                                                           DIY minis blog
Onion, yellow                                                              Joanne's minis blog 

Orange, clay cane                                                        Angie Scarr
Orange, peeled w/ peels and whole                             cdhm.org 
Orange, whole                                                             Victoria miniland

Pancakes                                                                      Joanne's minis blog
Peaches                                                                          about.com,       cdhm.org
                                                                                           and     Joanne's minis blog

Pears                                                                              Joanne's minis blog
Peppers                                                                          Joanne's minis blog
Pie                                                                                  Victoria miniland 

*Popcorn                                                                        Joanne's minis blog
Potatoes                                                                          cdhm.org ,     Victoria miniland
                                                                                           and        Joanne's minis blog 
Prawns                                                                            Snowfern Clover

Pumpkins,                                                                        cdhm.org ,     DIY minis blog 
                                                                                               and   Julie Old Crow
      from paper mache                                                    about.com
      w/ vines                                                                   (See Flowers and Plants)

Pumpkin Pie                                                                   Mary Eccher
*S'mores                                                                         Joanne's minis blog   ingredients 
Spaghetti dinner, video                                                  Joanne's minis 

Starlight and peppermint candy                                     Julie Old Crow 
Star tip for meringue or whipped cream                         My world on the table
Strawberries                                                                   Joanne's minis blog 

*Sugar bowl w/sugar cubes                                            Calm hands blog 
*Sushi                                                                              Adventures of Arcly & Elo blog 

Tea cookies                                                                     Victoria miniland
Tomatoes                                                                         Joanne's minis blog
Tomato plant                                                                   (See Flowers and Plants)

Tortilla chips                                                                  Joanne's minis blog
Turkey, raw, polymer clay                                              DIY minis blog 
Turkey, cooked                                                               Julie Old Crow
Turnip, on page 42                                                          AIM, Issue 9 
Waffles                                                                            about.com
Wedding cake                                                                  cdhm.org 

*Wedding cake, chocolate, on page 47                           AIM, Issue 46 
*Wrapped candy                                                              Butterfly Dreams Minis  

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