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Thank you very much to every one who has shared a tutorial or printie for me to organize and re-share.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tutorials - Christmas

*  New


Advent Calendar Projects,  AIM                          2009     2010    2011  
*12 Makes of Christmas, Click on the stockings for 12 projects        AIM
Advent Calendar Projects, J I Colin                      2010 

Advent calendar, for doll                                       Wasting Gold Paper blog

Angels,                                                                    Beautiful Mini Blessings blog
                                                                                Carla Barrett 


    beaded                                                                 My Daily Bead blog 

    *candle holder                                                     Mini Design blog
    choir                                                                    Mini Design blog

    ornament                                                             Emilia's Home Blog 

    seashell                                                                Butterfly Dreams Minis blog
    tree  topper,1/144                                                Frances Armstrong    


Bird ornament                                                         about.com
Bottle brush trees                                                    (See Flowers and Plants (look at trees)

Bows,                                                                      about.com ,     Miniatur Site ,
                                                                                Jan's dollhouse       Bow 2 , 
                                                                                Casey's Mini blog ,

       and bow maker                                                 Casey's Mini blog
       using a fork, video                                           Puffy Little Things blog 

       *using a needle tool                                         Cynthia Howe Miniatures  
       using a needle tool                                           Andrea Thieck blog
             bow makers                                                           needle tool     tool 2 

Box of ornaments/decorations                                Wil helmien  

You may want to look at  Tutorials - C 1   for candles, candle holders and candelabras
Candy cane, video                                                   Joanne's minis
Candy cane, lollipop and Santa                               Scott Publications      

Candy Garland                                                         about.com 
Cards                                                                        Otterine

Centerpieces,                                                           Scarlet Sails minis blog ,
                                                                                 Greenleaf Dollhouses

     *floral                                                                 about.com
     log                                                                       about.com

Chandelier                                                              Emilia's Home blog 

Christmas candy                                                     Fairchild - Deviant Art 
*Christmas rose decoration                                    Nastalgie 1zu12 

*Coloring book w/printie                                       AIM, 2013 - Day 9
Decorative Xmas tree                                             Black Cat Cottage blog 
Fireplace decorations, stocking, wreath                 Greenleaf Dollhouses   

*Fireplace decorations, 1/48                                  Wanna in El Paso  
Gingerbread cookies                                               (See Food)

Gingerbread houses,

     pictorial                                                              Pinterest 
    and candy                                                            DIY Minis blog

    video in Russian                                                  All about polymer clay

*Holly                                                                     about.com
Holly garland                                                          DIY minis blog 

Kissing ball                                                              (See Flowers and Plants)
Knit Santa’s hat                                                       Minimami
Noel rug, needlepoint                                              Casey's minis blog 

 Ornaments,                                                             about.com ,     Mini Maker ,
                                                                                 Maria Malmstrom blog ,
                                                                                 Miniatur Site , 

                                                                                 Kendra's Mini blog 
                                                                                 Anna's  Dolls ,    Paper Minis  

      angel                                                                  Emilia's Home blog 

      *bauble, cornucopia and candle                        Crafts Institute 
      beaded and stand                                               Collector's Club of Great Britain

      bird                                                                    about.com 
      w/ bow                                                               Miniatur Site
      w/box printie                                                      Puno's Minis

      the easy way                                                      Casey's minis blog
      in a box                                                              Wilhelmien
      origami                                                               My Lilliputian World  

      snowman and bear                                              Scott Publications 

      star, wire                                                             Emilia's Home Blog
      Victorian lace                                                     Casey's minis blog 
1/6                                                                       Doll Divas                                              

Paper chains                                                              Casey's minis blog 
Pillows, needlepoint                                                  Casey's minis blog
Pine garland decoration                                             Collector's club of Great Britain

*Pipe cleaner Elf                                                       Drora's Minimundo blog    Part 2 - Santa
Poinsettia pillow, needlepoint                                   $ Store DH blog 
Poinsettia                                                                   (See Flowers and Plants)

Reindeer pattern                                                        Greenleaf - Forum 
Santa from polymer clay                                           Casey's mini blog
Santa’s gift bag                                                          J I Colin 

*Santa marotte                                                           AIM  
Seashell angel                                                            Butterfly Dreams Minis blog
*Sled w/ sack of toys, tree and logs                          Collector's Club of Great Britain

            You can find more sleds in Tutorials - S - Part 3  

Slippers                                                                      AIM 
Snow                                                                          Dollhouses and Minis blog 
Snow and icicles                                                        Michelle's Mad World  
                                                                                         and  Artfully Musing blog

Snow and snowballs                                                   Four Little Walls blog
Snow shovels                                                              DIY Minis blog   and 
                                                                                                   Black Cat Cottage blog
*Snowman                                                                   Casey's Minis blog

Stockings,                                                                   Casey's mini blog 
     crochet                                                                   AIM 
     felt                                                                         Illustrated Miscellany blog 
     Needlepoint                                                           about.com 

Straw reindeer                                                            Jicolin  
Swag/door decoration                                                Maria Malmstrom

Trees,                                                                          Victoria miniland
                                                                                    Annie's Minis 
                                                                                    Mini Monde blog 
                                                                                    *J I Colin 
                                                                                    *Miniature dolls and composition

      bottle brush trees                                                   (See Flowers and Plants (look at trees)
      chenille stems                                                        De Lightful Minis blog     Part 2      Part 3
      curly                                                                       about.com 

      lycopodium                                                            miniatures.com
      lycopodium                                                            Casey's minis blog
      origami                                                                   My Lilliputian World 

      *paper snowflakes                                                  about.com
      pipe cleaner                                                            Martha Stewart
      polymer clay                                                          Casey's mini blog

     spiral                                                                       about.com 
     tinsel                                                                       Puchi Collective    Part 2
     tiny                                                                         Miniatur Site  

     *tiny                                                                        How To Instructions
     under a dome                                                          DIY minis blog
     1/144                                                                       Anna-Carin Betzen   

                         You may also want to look at trees under - Flowers and Plants

Tree decorations                                                         Small Wood Village 
Tree skirts                                                                   AIM
Wrapped Gift, 1/48                                                     Anna-Carin Betzen

Wreaths                                                                       Casey's mini blog ,     about.com ,
                                                                                    Maria Malmstrom ,
                                                                                    Casey's minis blog ,
                                                                                    Peggy's Cosy Cottage blog
                                                                                    DIY for DH blog 

     5 designs                                                                AIM
     jingle bell wreath                                                   The Mini Time Machine                           
     ornament wreath                                                    Kendra's Minis blog

     from wired trim                                                     about.com 
     and swag, 1/144                                                     Anna-Carin Betzen

Yule log decoration                                                    about.com 

many Christmas idea                                                  Greenleaf - Forum
         Icicles, see post #27
         Santa shelf buddy, see post #30

YouTube Videos, 
         Angel                                                     Garden of Imagination



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  2. You welcome Gill. I'm glad that you enjoyed them.