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I tend to make a lot of lists but most of them are not very organized. I've decided to try to organize some of them here so that I can share the information that I've collected. I started with my list of tutorials for dollhouse miniatures. I put them in alphabetical order, I labeled them so that I maybe able to find them easily. I hope that you will find it easy to navigate.

Thank you very much to every one who has shared a tutorial or printie for me to organize and re-share.

Please let me know by leaving a comment if you find a link that is wrong or not working.

Please remember that most tutorial and printies are for personal use only and please be kind and give credit when you can.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tutorials B


*Baby basket                                                              (See Baskets)
*Baby booties                                                            DH Minis Club
*Baby bottle warmer                                                  Will Mini Design blog  

Baby rattle                                                                  dh minis club
Baby rocker  -  ducky                                                  about.com  

*Backpack w/basket, bohemian style                          Japanese DH blog
*Bacon                                                                        (See Food)
*Balcony                                                                     Lolyali Minis blog 

Ballerina costume                                                       Maria Malmstrom 
*Ballerina outfit                                                          Miniatureve
*Ballet slippers                                                           Miniatureve

*Balloons, heart shaped                                              DIY minis blog

Bamboo shade                                                             New England minis blog 
Barrel bag/duffle                                                         Casey's minis blog 

Bashing a Micheal's hutch                                            Casey's mini blog    Part 2   Part 3 
Baskets                                                                        (See Baskets)
Basket shopping Trolley                                              true 2 scale blog

Bat                                                                               (See Animals)
*Bathroom scale                                                          DIY Projects  
Bathroom sink  -Fr.                                                      Sudene 

*Bath tub, vintage                                                         Pequeneces blog
Beaded tissue box                                                        dh mini club
Bean bag chair                                                             (See Furniture)

Bear lamp, working                                                     about.com
Bed,  how to dress                                               Casey's mini blog  and  *Joanne's minis blog
Beds                                                                             (See Furniture)

*Bedding                                                                      DIY Projects 
Bedspread, crumpled paper                                         Doreen's Projects blog
Begonia                                                                        (See Flowers and Plants)

*Bell                                                                             about.com
*Bell, hand                                                                    Minis y casas de munecas blog 
*Bench, small                                                                Will Mini Design blog

Berry box                                                                      about.com 
*Bird bath                                                                     Jicolin 

*Bird cage                                                                    Court of Gypsies Minis blog
Bird cage from polymer clay     Sue Heaser                 Polymer Clay Central 
Bird cage, wicker                                                         about.com

Bird feeder                                                                    dh minis club
*Bird house                                                                   Studio E Minis blog
Bird house / lantern, tin look from paper                      Katie's clay corner blog 
*Bird house in a planter                                                Sans chichis

Birds nest                                                                      about.com 
*Bistro table                                                                  (See Furniture)
Blackberries                                                                  (See Food) 

Black forest cake                                                           (See Food)
*Blender                                                                        Miniatur Site
*Block puzzle w/printies                                               Will Mini Design blog  

*Boiling water                                                               Studio E Minis blog
Bolster pillow                                                               Casey's minis blog 
*Bonnet, hard sides                                                        Julie Old Crow

Books,                                                                            about.com ,    Casey's minis blog ,   
                                                                              Doreen's Miniatures,      dollar store crafts 
                                                                                       * Art from the Heart
                                                                                       and      1 inch minis blog    part 2 

     *1/6 scale                                                                  The House at One Sixth
      w/  printies                                                               DIY minis blog 
      w/ printies and printed pages                                    Don't eat the paste  

      How to create your own                                            Julie Old Crow 

*     w/hidden compartment                                             Casey's mini blog
            *  -  w/ printies                                                   Will Mini Design blog 

Bookcase                                                                        (See Furniture)
Bookend, tombstone                                                       DIY minis blog
*Boom box/radio-cassette player                                   Heloise Minis blog   

Boots, slippers  (Fr.)                                                      Sudene 
*Boots/shoes                                                                   G Miniatures 
*Boot planter                                                                  Jicolin
Bottles,  flasks and flagons from beads                           about.com 
     from bulbs    (Fr.)                                                       Sudene
     from pen parts                                                             Casey's

     from plastic tube                                                        Pierre Piveteau
     or jars                                                                        Snowfern Clover 
     making molds                                                             about.com 

     wine                                                                           Mini Maker
     1/6 scale                                                                    My mini world blog

Bottles of craft paint                                                        DIY minis blog 

Bow                                                                            Casey's mini blog   and   Casey's minis blog
Bow -  for gift wrapping                                                  Casey's minis blog
Bows                                                                                Jan's dh

*Bowl,                                                                              La Stanza di Giuggiola blog
*     (Sp)                                                                            Diosy's Minis blog
*      and bread stuffing                                                      (See Food)

*      or plate                                                                      about.com
        from quilling paper                                                    1 inch minis blog 
*      wooden look, polymer clay                                        Minis 1/12 

Bowl of nuts                                                                     (See  Food)
Box cushion                                                                     Casey's minis blog 
Box   from molding                                                          Casey's minis blog 

*Box of toy soldiers                                                         DH Minis Club 
Boxes,  ribbon and lace storage and  Valentine's              DIY minis blog

*Bra                                                                                  Mini Projects 
Bra,                                                            also look at Lady's underwear

Braided bread  (Hallah)                                                  (See Food )
Braided rug                                                                     Doreen's project blog  
                                                                                            and   Casey's mini blog 

Bread                                                                               (See Food) 
Bread box                                                                        1 inch minis blog
*Bread box                                                                       Will Mini Design blog

*Breakfast sandwich                                                       (See Food)
*Breakfast sausage                                                          (See Food)

   Brick,                                                                               Jan's DH
                                                                                           and  * Minttumeirami blog
     from cork                                                                    Casey's mini blog
     from egg carton                                                           Victoria miniland

     and stone, egg carton                                                   The china doll
     stone, slate and tile   from  mat board                         Casey's mini blog 
     wall                                                                            DIY minis blog

*Bridge card game set w/printies                                    Will Mini Design blog 
*Broccoli                                                                        (See Food)
*Broom                                                                           DIY Minis blog
Broom   and mop                                                             Casey's mini blog
*Buffet cabinet, Asian style                                            (See Furniture)
*Bug zapper                                                                    DIY Projects

Brown grocery and lunch bags w/ printies                      about.com 
Bunny,    pompoms                                                          (See Animals)
Bunny box                                                                       DH Minis Club

Bunt cake                                                                         (See Food)
*Bunting, 1/6 scale                                                          Jointed Love blog
Bushel basket                                                                  (See Baskets)

Butterfly                                                                           cdhm.org
*Butterfly lamp                                                                Mitchy Moo Minis blog
*Button doll                                                                     Julie Old Crow 

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