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Thank you very much to every one who has shared a tutorial or printie for me to organize and re-share.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tutorial - Flowers and Plants

* New

Flower and Plant Index for   about.com

*African violet                                                           Punto Sur Miniaturas blog
Agapanthus                                                                Beautiful Mini Blessings blog     Part 2 
Aloe Vera                                                                   Mini Eden blog  

Allium/ornamental garlic                                           My Lilliputian World
Anemones                                                                  My Lilliputian World 

Apple blossom   and cold porcelain                           creative doll blog  

Basic flowers in smaller scales                                  Anna-Carin Betzen
Begonia                                                                      Maria Malmstrom
*Bulbs, sprouting                                                       about.com 

Cactus                                                                         Casey's mini blog   and   Mini Mansion
Caladium w/printies                                                   Les minis de Victoria
Calla Lilies                                                                 DIY minis blog  and * about.com
Carnations                                                                   1 inch minis blog ,    
                                                                                    Technique des Fleurs
                                                                                    Tus Miniaturas

                                                                                    * Punto Sur Miniaturas blog 

     from silk ribbon   and bow                                     Casey's mini blog
     1/1 scale,  air dry clay                                            Craftziners

Cattails   or bulrushes                                                  about.com
Chinese lantern, on page 32                                        AIM, Issue 44
Chive plant                                                                  Minttumeirami blog

Christmas cactus                                                         Maria Malmstrom ,     about.com
      in  an embossed metal planter                                   and   Mini Corner of Mary   

*Christmas rose                                                           Nastalgie in 1zu12  

Christmas tree                                                             (See Christmas)
Chrysanthemums                                                         Casey's mini blog   and   DIY mini blog

Chrysanthemum plant,  paper                                     about.com
Clematis                                                                      Obsidian Hall blog    Part 2
Cockscomb                                                                 about.com 

*Corsage Orchid                                                         about.com  Crocus                                                                         about.com 
*Crown Imperial lily, 1/144                                        Anna-Carin Betzen  
Cyclamen plant                                                           Maria Malstrom blog       

Daffodils                                                                      Technique des Fleurs , 
                                                                                              Blue Kitty Minis blog ,
                                                                                              DIY Minis blog  ,
                                                                                                and   DIY Minis blog

*Dahlias, single                                                           about.com  
*Dahlias, double                                                          about.com  Daisy                                                                            Cotton Ridge Minis 

Daisy,  in part 4                                                            DIY minis blog
Dandelion                                                                    Casey's mini blog   and    Tom Pounce
Delphiniums                                                                Tudor Dollhouse blog 

*Delphiniums, 1/48                                                     about.com 
*Delphinium or Larkspur, 1/144                                 Anna-Carin Betzen   

Easter Lily                                                                   about.com 

Enameled flowers, long video                                     Creating dh minis blog 
*Fern                                                                            Kim's Project Page
Ferns  and  tulip                                                           Casey's mini blog 

*Flag Iris                                                                      about.com 
Flower                                                                          My Lilliputian World
*Flowers                                                                       DH and Minis blog  

Flowers                                                                         Dusky rose
Flower                                                                          Minttumeirami blog
*Flower bouquet                                                          about.com   

Flower making hints and tips                                       Beautiful Mini Blessings blog  
Flowering plant                                                            Trifles in 1/12 blog 
                                                                                                         and  Maria Malstrom blog

*Flowering plants, 1/48 or O scale                              about.com 
Forsythia                                                                       DIY mini blog
Garden border                                                               cdhm.org

Geraniums,                                                                    Maria Malmstrom ,    Mini Mansion 
                                                                                           Casey's Minis blog    Part 2
      in a rusty bucket                                                      1 inch minis blog 

Gerbera daisy                                                                 Maria Malmstrom   and
                                                                                            Mini y casas de munecas blog  

Gladiolas                                                                        Alice's dollhouse 
Globe artichoke plant                                                    Minttumeirami blog
*Grape vine in a pot (# 57)                                            Minimaakje  
Grass/landscaping                                                         Minttumeirami blog 
*Grass tufts                                                                   Gilbert
Hanging plant                                                                about.com    and
                                                                                                Minttumeirami blog     

*Holly                                                                            about.com 
*Hollyhocks, 1/48                                                          about.com 
*Hosta, 1/48                                                                   about com
Houseplant                                                                     Natalia's mini blog
Hydrangeas                                                               DIY minis blog  and  * Maria Malmstrom blog 
Ivy vine                                                                         My Lilliputian World

Kissing balls,                                                                about.com,         Maria Malmstrom
                                                                                              and   Puno's blog 

*Landscaping                                                                Greenleaf
*Landscaping                                                                DH and Minis blog
Landscaping/grass                                                         Minttumeiramin blog 

Landscaping, gravel driveway and grass                      Joanne's Minis blog          
Lilac                                                                              My Little Little Dream blog 
*Lilac bush, HO scale                                                   Anna-Carin Betzen   

Lily                                                                                Minttumeirami
Lilies, Star Gazer, 1/48                                                 Wanna in El Paso  
*Lilies, Belladonna                                                       about.com   

Lavender plant,  see  page 22                                        Aim, issue 43
Lavender plant                                                              Miniature Enthusiasts blog 
*Lavender plant, 1/144                                                 Anna-Carin Betzen 

*Leaves using decorative scissors                                Casey's Minis blog
*Lupines, 1/144                                                            Anna-Carin Betzen     
*Marigold                                                                     about.com   

Morning glory vine                                                       about.com 
Nasturtium                                                                     Mini Pat 

Orchid                                                                            Nalladris ,   Mini Fleurs ,
                                                                                           about.com  and 
   corsage orchid                                                             about.com        
 Palm plant                                                                      Mini 1 til 12

Palm tree                                                                        Workshop ,   Little Glitter Houses
     from feathers                                                                 and    Cyber modeler

Pansy                                                                               DIY minis blog   and   Alice's dollhouse
Peace plant made with nail polish                                   dh minis club
Peony                                                                              Blue Kitty Minis blog 

*Peony, 1/144                                                                 Anna-Carin Betzen 
*Peperomia plant                                                            Glorious Twelfth blog   

Petunias,                                                                         Technique les Victoria ,    MiniPat
                                                                                         and    cdhm.org

*Pine bough                                                                 about.com                    Pinecone                                                                       about.com  and   Amber's House 

Plants                                                                            Minialev  ,       The Enchanted Gallery , 
                                                                                                Joanne's minis blog
     and planter                                                               My world on the table 
     *in a pillar planter, on page 46                                AIM, Issue 44  
     *and Art Deco planter                                              Creative World of Catherine   

    1/24 scale, on page 54                                               AIM, Issue 43 
    *1/48 scale                                                                 about.com 
Poinsettia                                                                    Maria Malmstrom ,     about.com  
                                                                                            and  * AIM

Poppies                                                                        Sifbeth 
*Poppies, on page 63                                                  AIM, Issue 46 
*Potted Plant                                                               Todd and Lindsey
Pumpkin w/ vines                                                        minttumeirami blog  
Pussywillow branches                                                 DIY minis blog   and  about.com 
Rosary plant                                                                Jorgellina Ferreyra's blog 

Roses                                                                          about.com  ,      cdhm.org  ,
                                                                                    Casey's mini blog ,   True 2 Scale  ,
                                                                                    Greenleaf  ,   Riikmaria  ,
                                                                                     Scraps blog  and   Mary's Mini Corner blog

      from silk ribbon                                                    Casey's mini blog
      silk ribbon  -  also peace rose and rosebud           Mini patterns  
      rose bush                                                               A small world's big buzz 

      *1/6                                                                       Simplystella's Sketchbook blog    Part 2
      *1/48, knotted ribbon                                           Wanna in El Paso
Shamrock plant                                                          DIY Minis blog  
*Shrub/ bush                                                              Miniaturas JM
Simple paper flowers, 1/1 scale easy to adapt           Dozi Design blog 

Snake plant                                                                 Maria Malmstrom 
Snake plant, video                                                      Joanne's Minis  
*Snowdrops                                                                about.com
*Spider plant                                                              Little Things
Spider plant, in a basket                                             Workshop
Spider chrysanthemum                                               about.com  

Spiderwort                                                                  Casey's mini blog 
*St. John’s wort                                                          Mini Pat  
Strawberry plant                                                         Mini Eden   and   Minttumeirami blog  
Succulent plants                                                          Blue Kitty minis blog 

Sunflower                                                                   Mini Mumm blog    Part 2
                                                                                            and    Otterine 
Sunflower, 1/48                                                          about.com

Tiny plants                                                                  Victoria miniland
Tomato plant                                                               Casey's mini blog 

Topiary                                                                       Casey's mini blog     Part 2 ,
                                                                                        about.com ,     Cotton Ridge   

      by Sue Heaser                                                      polymer clay central
      spiral boxwood                                                     My Lilliputian World 
Trailing plant                                                              DIY minis blog

Trees,                                                                           DIY minis blog ,    cdhm.com , 
                                                                                              Greenleaf ,
      on page 50                                                                 AIM, Issue 9 

      apple tree                                                               Minttumeirami blog

      Bonsai/spooky                                                       Jicolin
      bottle brush tree, vintage look                               Pink House blog

       Christmas tree                                                       (See Christmas)
       origami                                                                  (See Christmas) 
       pom-pom                                                             Dollar Store Crafts

Tulips                                                                          DIY minis blog ,      Casey's
                                                                                              and   My small obsession
Water lily                                                                     Wanadoo 

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