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I tend to make a lot of lists but most of them are not very organized. I've decided to try to organize some of them here so that I can share the information that I've collected. I started with my list of tutorials for dollhouse miniatures. I put them in alphabetical order, I labeled them so that I maybe able to find them easily. I hope that you will find it easy to navigate.

Thank you very much to every one who has shared a tutorial or printie for me to organize and re-share.

Please let me know by leaving a comment if you find a link that is wrong or not working.

Please remember that most tutorial and printies are for personal use only and please be kind and give credit when you can.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


* New

Bat                                                                         about.com    and    Casey's mini blog
Bird, pictorial                                                        Geninne's flickr 
*Bear, taxidermy                                                   Crafts Institute

Bunny ballerina                                                     Peggy's Cosy Cottage blog  
Bunny, felt                                                             Heidi Boyd blog
Bunny, from a square of knit fabric                      Brouwer Brouwer

Bunny, pompoms                                                 DIY miniatures blog 
Bunny, stuffed                                                         about.com 

Cat  - sleeping  - polymer clay                                 Casey's mini blog  and  *  Cara Jane 
Cat   - scroll down                                                    Lapappadolce
Cat  - felted                                                               about.com

Chickadee or titmice                                                 about.com 
Deer head on a shield, cardboard                             Peggy's Cosy Cottage blog
Deer head, 1/1 scale                                                 Chronicle Books 
      Note:  This is 1/1 tutorial but is easily adapted,
                         see pictures of it done in mini at       Land of the Giants blog

Dog, Corgi,  how to sculpt                                         cdhm.org
Dog  - felted                                                               about.com
Dolphin                                                                      Toni Ellison

Doves                                                                         about.com 
Elephant, felted                                                          Live Journal 

Hedgehog                                                                   Peggy's Cosy Cottage blog
Hedgehog                                                                   My cdhm
Hippo - stuffed animal                                               about.com 
       Note: Add straps to hippo to make into a backpack buddy

Koi Fish                                                                      about.com 
Lion  - toy                                                                   about.com
Mouse  or  Rat                                                             about.com 

Mouse, felted and mouse hole                                    Pip's Poppies blog 
Octopus, knit                                                               Minimami blog
Parrot                                                                           cdhm.org

Parrot, 1/48                                                                  Anna-Carin Betzen 
Peacock                                                                        Craft's Institute
Penguin, felted                                                             Props Girl blog

Pipe cleaner puppy                                                      Somerset House Project blog 
Poodle                                                                          Nelleke Droman
Polar bear, felted                                                          Martha Stewart   

Polar bear  -  stuffed animal                                         about.com     PDF
Rabbit, felted                                                                about.com
Raccoon   -  felted                                                        about.com  

Reindeer pattern                                                           Greenleaf Forum
Seagull                                                                          about.com
Sea otter and pups, felted                                             about.com  

Sheep  or  lamb  -  felted                                              about.com
Sock Monkey   -  polymer clay                                    Casey's mini blog

Swan - done in sugar paste but easily adapted to clay      Cake

Teddy bears,                                                                Miniatur Site      Teddy 2 
       bumpy chenille and polymer clay                        Carie's Clay Creations
       chenille stems                                                       Julie Old Crow - Hitty 

       flocked polymer clay                                           Wasting Gold Paper blog 
       polymer clay                                                        All About Polymer Clay

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